Bag for 2 mallets with text

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Bag for 2 mallets and 4 balls and optional text embroidered at the top of the bag.

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Shoulder bag with space for up to 4 balls and 2 standard clubs (80 cm) without ball picker. In addition, an embroidered text at the top of the bag - e.g. name and club.

There is also a net for a water bottle.

The basic color is black, but some of the bag has color. The embroidered text has a black background and the same color as the bag.

See the fonts in the images (there are several different images). We recommend Font 2.

NB NB NB - Write the text under "Product customization" - Don't forget to save your user definition - NB NB NB

Clubs with a hook or extra long clubs cannot be in the bag so it can be closed completely, but it has 2 zippered slides, so if a club sticks up, you can zip it from either side.

NB NB NB - Normal delivery time up to 14 days - NB NB NB

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