Club set 220HL-10104

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10 mallets, 18 plastic balls, 4 clipboards, 12 holes/lid/stick.



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10 clubs (~700g), 18 light plastic balls (~220g), 4 clipboards, 12 holes/lid/stick.

This type of plastic ball lasts many years, but bounces quite a bit on the tubers due to the low weight. On the other hand, it gives less recoil through the arms.
Some players find they can shoot farther with this lightweight bullet.
The ball has grooves just like petanque balls.
Balls in up to 6 different colours.

The lids are made of plastic and fit the holes that are 130.6 mm inside (140 mm outside).
The lid is hung on the pole when playing, and thus acts as a number plate, so you don't need separate number plates.

Here you will find a match sheet to write on.

DK only: This ball is legal in DKU and DGI, but is NOT legal for tournaments in DAI.

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