Family set 270HF - 481

Tax included

4 mallets, 8 plastic balls 270g, 1 clipboard, 12 holes, 12 plastic flags.



Please check variants

* Mallet head color
Choose the color the mallethead should have
* DAI test
DK only
* Sign color
* Number color
* Number type
* Sign pipe
Tube for storing signs

Delivery policy





4 mallets (~700g), 8 plastic balls (~270g), 1 clipboard, 12 holes, 12 plastic flags.

There are balls in 10 different colours. KrolfButikken decides the colors.

Here you will find a match sheet to write on.

DK only: 
This ball is legal in DKU and DGI, but not necessarily for tournaments in DAI.
SHOULD it be legal for tournaments in DAI, select this via "Ball Test" and I'll see if I can find some that meet the targets.
!!! NB NB NB !!! Until several tests have shown that only green, yellow and white balls comply with DAI's requirements.

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